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first performance: May 1, 1998

venue: Paine Hall, Harvard University, USA

performer(s): Fromm Ensemble

scoring: fl(=picc,afl).ob(=corA).cl(=bcl)-hn-perc(1):marimba/vib/crot/2susp.cym(med,lg)-pft-vln.vla.vlc

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programme note:

Glow, as with my other ensemble pieces of late, is preoccupied with exploiting the almost limitless timbral relationships between instruments, usually treating specific players as catalysts for this acoustic interplay. This is a conscious attempt on my part to further explore some of the musical ideas I've enjoyed toying with in my works for instruments and electronic sounds. This work is no exception. Although probably more evident in the piece's scurrying mercurial sections, the mellower passages are equally imbued with kaleidoscopic shifts in timbre.

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