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first performance: July 18, 1998

venue: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow

performer(s): Esther Geldard, viola, Zoe Solomon, piano

scoring: viola and piano

click here for pdf of score (1st 7 pages)- will open in new window

programme note:

Filters is a virtuosic exploration of some of the acoustic properties inherent in both the viola and piano. As the title may suggest, I was interested in the idea of an acoustic filter being applied in various ways to the musical material. The viola, in particular, is naturally capable of producing filtered sounds. For example, playing sul ponticello amplifies upper partials, while harmonics isolate them. The exact specifics of some of the techniques I experimented with in this piece need not concern the listener, however. They were certainly an inspiration for the compositional process, but ultimately it is the dialogue between the instruments, their constant interweaving and confrontation, which is intended to carry the musical argument.

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