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first performance: August 12, 1995

venue: Wellesley College, USA

performer(s): Wellesley Composers Conference Ensemble, conductor Efraim Guigui

scoring: 1(=picc,afl).1(=corA).1(=bcl).1(=dbn)- sm susp.cym/guiro/claves/crot/lg susp.cym/2bongos(diff.pitches)/ marimba/med susp.cym/4tpl.bl(diff pitches)/bass bow(for vib,crot, cyms)-strings (

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programme note:

Persistence is scored for 16 players, and was composed in May 1995. There is a single melodic line that pervades the work, hence the title, often submerged within the many fragments and offshoots which spring from it. The ensemble, while treated very orchestrally, has a great deal of blending of disparate sonorities, creating strange new timbres. In particular, there are various melodic ideas that are gradually transformed into something more percussive and rhythmic in nature. Though all the instruments are used to the full, it is the trombone that seems to dominate the work, not so much in the role of a solo instrument, but that of a musical catalyst.

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